Chapter Officers

officer Macy Samuelson

Macy Samuelson

Chapter President

Major: Management

officer Sydney Kirchoff

Sydney Kirchoff

Vice President Wellness

Major: Criminal Justice

officer Claire Hennum

Claire Hennum

Vice President Academic Excellence

Major: Biological Sciences

officer Anna Keller

Anna Keller

Vice President of Recruitment

Major: Biological Sciences

officer Kendra Hassan

Kendra Hassan

Vice President Finance

Major: Marketing

officer Courtney McConnell

Courtney McConnell

Vice President Administration

Major: Marketing and Management

officer Emma Velde

Emma Velde

Vice President Member Experience

Major: Interior Design

officer Bri Baer

Bri Baer

Vice President New Member Experience

Major: Elementary Education, minor in Human Development and Family Science

officer Erica Solberg

Erica Solberg

Vice President Event Planning

Major: Political Science

officer Lizzy Kachel

Lizzy Kachel

Vice President Marketing

Major: Management and a minor in Psychology

officer Jordan Rudolph

Jordan Rudolph

Vice President Campus Relations

Major: Social Work and Human Development and Family Science

officer Molly Bohn

Molly Bohn

Vice President Philanthropy

Major: Nursing, minor in Psychology

officer Morgan Christianson

Morgan Christianson

Director of Property

Major: Dietetics

officer Claire Grundman

Claire Grundman

Director of Ritual

Major: Respiratory Care

officer Haley Bruggeman

Haley Bruggeman

Director of Academic Excellence

Major: Women and Gender Studies and Strategic Communication

officer Amanda Drechsel

Amanda Drechsel

Director of Membership

Major: Nursing

officer Haley Pajunen

Haley Pajunen

Director of Communication

Major: Pharmacy

officer Shiori Kudo

Shiori Kudo

Director of Senior Experience

Major: Political Science with minors in History and Emergency Management-Homeland Security

officer Anna Shornack

Anna Shornack

Director of Sophomore Programming

Major: Engineering

officer Allison Hogstad

Allison Hogstad

Director of New Member Experience

Major: Biological Sciences

officer Olivia Strickler

Olivia Strickler

Director of Special Events

Major: Strategic Communication

officer Keeona Franklin

Keeona Franklin

Director of Merchandising

Major: Nursing

officer Isabelle Creager

Isabelle Creager

Director of Activities and Leadership

Major: Natural Resource Management

officer Ally Pringle

Ally Pringle

Director of Community Service

Major: Civil Engineering

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